THE Young University Rankings 2023

L’Institut Agro in the top 10 nationally, and in the top 100 worldwide

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The Times Higher Education (THE) ranking is one of the most respected rankings in the world. It assesses the performance of universities and higher education institutions on the basis of a number of criteria, including teaching quality, research, scientific publications, academic impact and reputation. 

On July the 3rd, 2023, Times Higher Education published its Young University Rankings (Annual ranking of the best universities created in the last 50 years), making l’Institut Agro one of the best performers at national level, up 10 places on 2022. Ranked 81st in the world and 10th out of 23 French institutions, L’Institut Agro is recognised as a world major operator in higher education and research. This recognition by such a prestigious ranking organisation testifies to l’Institut Agro's ongoing commitment to academic excellence, advanced research and the training of highly qualified future professionals. It also confirms l’Institut Agro's position as an institution of excellence in agricultural and environmental sciences.


The 'Under 50' ranking by THE has existed since 2015.
Five indicators are taken into account:

  1. Teaching: 30% of the score
  2. Research: 30% of the score
  3. Citations: 30% of the score
  4. International activity: 7.5
  5. Innovation: 2.5

The THE Young University Rankings are constantly evolving. It now rates 605 institutions, compared with 100 in 2015. L’Institut Agro has been included in the rankings since 2021.