L'Institut Agro Dijon

L’Institut Agro Dijon

L'Institut Agro Dijon trains civil engineers and public servants and supports the educational system of agricultural technical education.

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Beyond engineering training, L'Institut Agro Dijon has a broad presence in higher education, offering professional bachelor's degrees, master's degrees, and specialized master's degrees through its own programs and co-accreditation. In the field of agricultural education, it provides distance learning programs for diploma preparation, support for the training system and professional integration, and training for executives and trainers.

L'Institut Agro Dijon is also committed to addressing current societal challenges in agroecological transition and sustainable food. As a multidisciplinary research institution, the scientific activities of our teaching staff are organized into five thematic areas within 5 research units:

  1. Agricultural and territorial transitions
  2. Food, taste, health, sustainability
  3. Natural microbial ecosystems and controls
  4. Training and informing for sustainable agri-food systems
  5. Data sciences

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Etudiants de l'Institut Agro Dijon

Etudiante de l'Institut Agro Dijon

Etudiante de l'Institut Agro Dijon