Our Missions

Training, Research, Innovation, and Support Missions for Agricultural Education

In accordance with the provisions of Article L. 812-1 of the Rural and Maritime Fishing Code, the institution carries out the following missions in the fields of agronomy, agroecology, food, agri-food, horticulture, landscaping, forestry, sustainable management of natural resources and territories, environment, and life sciences.

engineers, managers and researchers (including at PhD level), as well as experts and technicians, through lifelong learning.L'Institut Agro offers a wide range of training courses for engineering, master's, doctoral degrees as well as vocational degrees based on systemic and interdisciplinary approaches grounded in advanced scientific methods and relying on faculty-led frontline research.

Carry out research and innovate with and for society,
in the fields of agriculture, food, environment, fisheries, and landscape science.

Accompany and promote regional development and inform public policymaking.

Support vocational agricultural education.

Contribute to France's leadership and attractiveness
in our fields of reference and engage in international scientific, technical, and educational cooperation.